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Are you tired of feeling shame over your body? Sick of the endless struggles to control your eating, or stick to a diet but rarely seeing results? Does caring for your body feel like a battle you don't ever think you're destined to win? 
I have felt like that too.
It isn't supposed to be that way. Freedom IS possible...but the answer isn't another diet or a fad workout...

Being healthy is about freedom. Food shouldn't own you. A scale doesn't measure your worth.

Healthy bodies don't all look the same

The world would be a boring place if we all looked the same.
When you think about your own body, there are probably some things you like…and maybe some things that aren’t your favorite. It’s easy to get fixated on what we don’t like or wish were different, rather than recognizing that our bodies are a gift! They are instruments, not ornaments!
Have you made peace with the way God made you? Do you care for your body so it’s fit to do what you need to do? Do you care too much about how you look rather than valuing what your body is capable of? We could all grow more in this area. 

Each of us has a natural, genetic predisposition toward a certain build. Our bodies are made differently…and that’s a beautiful thing!

Think about this:

What can you do today to be grateful for the body god gave you - the body he made for you? how can you take care of it for the future?

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I love pizza, strong americanos (with cream!) and craft-brewed IPAs. I'm down for anything social, long soaks in the hot tub, and I can find a reason to compete at just about anything. I'm a mom to 3 boys (2 teenagers!) and one daughter. My husband is a meteorologist-turned-pastor and we've been married for 11 years. 

I'm Shannan

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A one-on-one 12 week discipleship study that takes a deep dive into what God's Word has to say about stewarding our bodies. We will meet weekly via Zoom & cover everything from exercise, nutrition & healthy habits to examining the life of Jesus.

Fit for the King Coaching

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If you already have a solid foundation of understanding Biblical body stewardship and just need some accountability to follow through with what you already know, this 8 week program might be a good fit. Additional 8 week sessions offered at a discount after the initial program.

Nutrition coaching

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We will check in once a week to track your progress, answer questions and make any necessary adjustments!

We'll meet via Zoom or phone call (whatever works best for you), and create a fitness plan.



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"Absolutely love Shannan’s approach to coaching, fitness, and nutrition! As a woman and a mom, she gets it. Love the resources and accountability without the all or nothing attitude / expectations. Thank you!”

"Shannan has such a gift & talent to see each individual's area of needed growth and then the knowledge and experience in how to help guide them toward true freedom."

I am so thankful for Shannan and how she's challenged me to embrace the uncomfortable, all while being the most compassionate and grace-filled coach ever!"

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