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I have over 15 years of experience working in the fitness industry, but I'm not here just to help you sculpt a great-looking body. My goal is to lay a foundation of Biblical truth that will guide what it takes to be a good steward of the body that God has entrusted you to take care of, for His glory and the good of others. Our culture tends towards one of two extremes - vanity and obsession over physical appearance, or neglect and abuse. We will work toward fueling with proper nutrients and getting regular movement and exercise, in order to be in great condition to love and serve the people God has put in our lives!

What I do

xo, Shannan

If you've already been trying to do this on your own, I can probably guess how it might be going for you. 
What if you could be done with the shame of being overweight? Free from the crippling power of being desperate for affirmation? Have energy to play with your kids? Stop the cycle of disease and early death in your family history? End being obsessed with your appearance and have energy for something life-giving?
You CAN.
This time it will be different because we will build new habits on the truth of God's word, with the right motivations, by HIS strength. Are you ready?

Just like anything worthwhile in life, learning to be an excellent steward wont be easy. Accountability and encouragement are essential!



all the praise

"Absolutely love Shannan’s approach to coaching, fitness, and nutrition! As a woman and a mom, she gets it. Love the resources and accountability without the all or nothing attitude / expectations. Thank you!”

"Shannan has such a gift & talent to see each individual's area of needed growth and then the knowledge and experience in how to help guide them toward true freedom."

I am so thankful for Shannan and how she's challenged me to embrace the uncomfortable, all while being the most compassionate and grace-filled coach ever!"

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